Fiberglass Dinosaur Products List

Fiberglass Dinosaur Replica

Type: Fiberglass Dinosaur Replica

Model No: DMF-1


Static Dinosaur Model with lifesize is best landscape for outdoor or indoor. The powerful Fiberglass Dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex) show in the Guangzhou Water Star Park. Before making it, our artists discuss with its teeth whether 36 is?


Size: Static Dinosaur Replica with 6m long and 2.2m high

Outdoor Fiberglass Dinosaur

Type: Outdoor Fiberglass Dinosaur

Model No: DMF-2


Ankylosaurus is the most famous dino catalog in the world. According to client demand, we make one Exhibiting Fiberglass Dinosaur (Ankylosaurus) with cute appearance for its Dubai Entertainment Exhibition 2012. Only the Dinosaur body surface mould cost our 2 weeks to make.


Size: Static Ankylosaurus Model with 4m long and 1.5m high

Scary Fiberglass Dinosaur

Type: Scary Fiberglass Dinosaur

Model No: DMF-3


Huge Embolophorus Model is placed on the theme Garden of Manila is to advertise Dinosaur Theme Exhibition in the next month (Agaust). Its back's humb is discussing focus when our Fiberglass Dinosaur Maker creates it. Through investigation of detailed data, we finalize dinosaur type as picture shows.


Size: Animated Fiberglass Dinosaur with 6m long and 2.2m high 

Little Fiberglass Dinosaur Model

Type: Little Fiberglass Dinosaur Model

Model No: DMF-4


Mini Fiberglass Dinosaur Model always is popular by kids or females vistors. After our Luxembourg's customer watched the Dinosaur Unleashed exhibition in 2009, he decided order 10 little leaellynasaura model which once shown up in the Dino Exhibition to his new built rainforest restaurant.


Size: Mini Dino Model with 2m long and 0.5m high 

China Fiberglass Dinosaur Catalog

Type: China Fiberglass Dinosaur

Model No: DMF-5


This is ancestor of Chinese continent's dinosaur in the Dinosaur Period. The Fiberglass Dinosaur Name is Sinornithosaurus which is known pioneer Dinosaur in the world.


Size: Artificial Dinosaur Model with 2m long and 0.5m high  

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