Fiberglass Animal Products List

Fiberglass Animal Bear

Type: Fiberglass Animal Bear

Model No: DFA-1


In the Creation Museum, there is amazing Fiberglass Animal (Bear Model) is placed the exhibited zone of Ice Age Animal. Its full name is Cave Bear with quick walking who lives in the middle period of ice Age and own strong ability of predation.


Size: Ice Age Fiberglass Animal with 2m high

Fiberglass Animal Factory

Type: Fiberglass Animal At the Factory

Model No: DFA-2


In the Fiberglss Animal Making Site of our factory, there are 2 beautiful Zebra replicas. Its surface is smooth because our client need these Animal Replica which ride by children there, that he is ready for oepning one kindergarten. Kids can brow up in the cute Animal Groups.


Size: Baby Animal Replica with 1.5m long and 1.2m high  

African Fiberglass Animal

Type: African Fiberglass Animal

Model No: DFA-3


Baby Giraffe Model always loved by children or elder visitors in the Animal Kingdom of India. The Simulation African Fiberglass Animal made according to the type of famous Giraffe family. Its skin's piebald cost our artist one day work to finish. Baby giraffe avales its neck like drinking that look cute.


Size: Baby Fiberglass Animal with 4m long and 1.65m high 

Decorated Fiberglass Animal

Type: Decorated Fiberglass Animal

Model No: DFA-3


Mini Fiberglass Animal is suitable for decoration indoor. We took the order from Kindergarten is to make some Mini Frog Fiberglass Replicas to decorate kids' classroom. There musical teachers could tutor beauty of music to children throgh decripation of nature voice from Frog.


Size: Mini Fiberglass Frog with 1m long  

Forest Fiberglass Animal Replica

Type: Forest Fiberglass Animal Replica


In the Yuheyuan Garden of Singapore, one excellent Fiberglass Animal Exhibit which placed among the artificial plants show in the mall there is to attract more people. This is Deer Model. Then our artist decide make big size horn on it, but our elder artist said "only Ice Age Megaloceros is biggest horn in the world, adn the deer should be more cute, which watched by mall visitors"


Size: China Deer Replica with 1.5m long and 1.2m high

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