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Type: Jurassic Animatronic Animal

Model No: DMA-1


In the Poland's Dino Theme park, our Animatronic Animal with high simulation (Cynodont) is placed in the fifth district of jurassic forest as  pioneer Mammal Exhibit. The animal will eat its baby when it can not defend itself nest, which invaded by Coelophysis.


Size: Handmade Animatronic Animal with 2m long and 0.5m high

Outdoor Animatronic Animal

Type: Outdoor Animatronic Animal

Model No: DMA-2


In the Manila's suburbs theme garden, one 5m long Elephant Model exhibited outdoor is to teach little kids how to cherish and protect the natural world. Artificial Animatronic Animal as educational model used by local educational departmet.  


Size: Life Size Animatronic Animal with 5m long and 2.8m high

Indoor Animatronic Animal Model

Type: Indoor Animatronic Animal Model

Model No: DMA-3


In the Fuzhou Natural Museum, our Prehistoric Animatronic Animal Model who Hipparion as ancestor of present horse exhibited in the prehistoric animal showroom to state the evolution process between prehistoric and present animal.


Size: Indoor Animal Model with 2.5m long and 1.6m high 

Life Size Animatronic Animal

Type: Life Size Animatronic Animal 

Model No: DMA-4


As natural museum exhibit, handcraft snow leopard with artificial fur show in the artificial jungle is to descripe present mammal all kids of habits. In the natural museum, the 25 Aimatronic Animals who burdened the duty which spread the natural knowledge to visitrs.


Size: Jungle Animatronic Animal with 3m long and 1.5m high 

Jungle Animatronic Animal

Type: Jungle Animatronic Animal

Model No: DMA-5


In the indoor garden of Philippines, one Lifelike Jungle Animatronic Animal with beautiful decorative pattern and powerful roaring exhibited Present Animal Model zone is to decorate indoor, which held one Simulation Animal Exhibition.


Size: Indoor Animal Exhibit with 3.5n long and 1.5m high 

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