How we Make Animatronic Dinosaur

We are Professional Animatronic Dinosaur Factory

First Step: Mechanical Molded

With the finest mechanical running technology, we finish the metal frame. That means they are ready for Animatronic Dinosaur inside driven


Second Step: Sponge

Wrapping the finished mechanical frame with high density foam which is strong is to shape Animatronic Dinosaur skin


Third Step: Sculpture

After our professional artists sculpture work. With electric heat bar, skilled work handle the texture to make the skin as realistic as possible. 


Fourth Step: Silicone on Skin 

After the texture work, three layer will be put on the skin. In order to make them sun proof and water proof. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use!


Fifth Step: Color

Artists will color the dinosaur skin according the picture, to make them vivid!


Sixth Step: Texting Before delivery

Checking Animatronic parts to make sure everything goes well.


Seventh Step: Packing

Packing whole Animatronic Dinosaur production with air bubble film and lots of foam, just to avoid any damage during shippment!

Dinosaur Maker's Animatronic Dinosaur Factory

Our factory has 40-60 units  Animatronic Dinosaur and Animatronic Animal supply ability each month! Professional animatronic making team and advanced equipment offer you best quality and service! 

How We Packing Animatronic Dinosaur

How We Packing Animatronic Dinosaur

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