Animatronic & Fiberglass Insect for Sale

Animatronic Fiberglass Insect for Sale

We can produce any custom design Animatronic Insect or Fiberglass Insect etc. These enlarged Animatronic or Fiberglass Insect  can be exhibited in Science Museum, Insect Museum etc. Both young and old must be interested in these big size animatronic insects with realistic movement.

DMA-1 Animatronic Insect Dragonfly

Animatronic Insect Dragonfly

DMA-2 Animatronic Insect Fly

Animatronic Insect Fly

DMA-3 Animatronic Insect Cockroach

Animatronic Insect Cockroach

DMA-4 Animatronic Insect Mosqutio

Animatronic Insect Mosqutio

DMA-5 Animatronic Insect Butterfly

Animatronic Insect Butterfly

DMA-6 Animatronic Insect Beetle

Animatronic Insect Beetle

DMA-7 Fiberglass Insect Model-Cockroach

Fiberglass Insect Cockroach

DMA-8 Fiberglass Insect Locust

Fiberglass Insect Locust

DMA-9 Fiberglass Insect Ant

Fiberglass Insect Ant

DMA-10 Custom Design Fiberglass Butterfly

Custom Design Fiberglass Butterfly

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