Life Size Animatronic Diplodocus Dinosaur in the park

Type: Animatronic Diplodocus Dinosaur

Model No: DMD-15


In 6th June 2012, our electric engineer and project staffs installed one 30m long huge Animatronic Dinosaur Diplodocus in the Czech Dinopark. Then, it is summer holiday for there kids, so many children came to park and fall in love with the large Animatronic Diplodocus. 


Size: 30m long and 6m high Large Animatronic Diplodocus Dinosaur.


"We are first to purchase the 30m huge Animatronic Dinosaur for our park. In the past, we just order 3-5m long mini animatronic dinosaurs, but we decide to order large size because of quality of these dinosaur model. So, thanks for your help for our work." said to me by Jiri who is director of the park

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