Animatronic Rugops at the exhibiting site

Type: Animatronic Dinosaur Rugops

Model No: DMD-26


We transported life size Animatronic Rugops to Baita Moutain Park. The Prehistoric style Animatronic Dinosaur with 5m long and 2m high was placed in exhibited area is to attract thousand people's attention. The scared robotic dinosaur gave much entertainment and surprise to visitors.


Size: 5m long and 2m high Animatronic Rugops in attractive site.


  We cost 30 days to finish the dinosaur project which including 32 prehistoric style animatronic dinosaur.  The middle size animatronic rugops was set 5 movements:

1)Mouth close and open, 2)Eyes blinking, 3)Stomach breathing, 4)Claws moving, 5)Tail left to right.

  The smooth movements and lifleike roaring ound made people loved.  .


Animatronic Ceratosaurus
Animatronic Ceratosaurus
Animatronic Rugops at exhibiting site
Animatronic Dinosaur Rugops

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