Animatronic Dinosaur Megalosaurus

Type: Animatronic Dinosaur Megalosaurus

Model No: DMD-20


The beautiful 8m long Animatronic Megalosaurus made in 2011 for Oxford Street Dinosaur Alive Exhibition. Then, with this 8m long animatronic megalosaurus, we made 18 life size animatronic dinosaurs for the exhibition. When client opened the animatronic dinosaur exhibition, affected whole UK. That is biggest animatronic dinosaur exhibition throughout history to Britain. Thousands visitors each day visited Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur.


Size: 8m long and 2.3m high Animatronic Dinosaur Megalosaurus


This is Life Size Animatronic Megalosaurus Model in Oxford Street. Megalosaurus also belong to member of family of Tyrannosaurus Rex as carnivorous dinosaur. Many visitors thought that its piebald on body is so beautiful. Althought animatronic megalosaurus is fearsome, visitors would like approaching it for taking photo. This is life size animatronic dinosaur with fear and beauty.

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