Manufacturing Animatronic Dinosaur Hadrosaur


Type: Animatronic Dinosaur Hadrosaur

Model No: DMD-24


We manufacturered 6m long Animatronic Hadrosaur for Jurassic Forest Park of Montana. The animatronic dinosaur project was finished on June last year. Then, we sent eight project staffs to the park for installing these jurassic robotic dinosaurs. The Animatronic Hadrosaur is one of the projects.


Size: 6m long and 2m high Animatronic Hadrosaur was exhibited in Jurassic Forest Park.


The Hadrosaur model was placed at the behind of the Animatronic Tyrannosaurus seem like a runaway. The hadrosaur looks like cartoon animatronic dinosaur because of its cute appearance. Its mouth like duck is funny to visitors.


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Animatronic Dinosaur Hadrosaur

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