Animatronic Ceratosaurus is made by handwork

Type: Animatronic Dinosaur Ceratosaurus

Model No: DMD-25


We made one 4m long Animatronic Ceratosaurus for Poland's Dinosaur Park. Ceratosaurus is regular dinosaur in middle of Europe at dinosaur's period, and is favor by Europeans. The 4m Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaur only is small one of ceratosaurus families.


Size: 4m long and 1.6m high Animatronic Cerattosaurus in Dinosaur Park.


Like the 4m long small size animatronic dinosaur, we only cost 2 weeks is to complete project. We also customize 4m long dinosaur as ride in order to entain big ride market. 4m long animatronic dinosaur ride is available for useage for kids.


Animatronic Ceratosaurus
Animatronic Ceratosaurus
Animatronic Dinosaur at the exhibiting site
Animatronic Dinosaur Rugops

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