Animatronic Dinosaur Amargasaurus

Type: Animatronic Dinosaur Amargasaurus

Model No: DMD-21


10m long Animatronic Dinosaur-Animatronic Amargasaurus is exhibited Salvador's International Entertainment Exhibition Hall. When our client wanted to order the 10m animatronic amargasaurus, We were confused by its size. Because 10m long Animatronic Amargasaurus's height is hard to be packed inside container. So, we had to down the animatronic dinosaur for container.


Size: 10m long Animatronic Dinosaur Amargasaurus


The Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur debut Salvador. In first day of dinosaur exhibition, lots people came were attracted by the dinosaur. They surprised why the dinosaur moves? Realistic skin and roaring seem like a real dinosaur. Many theme park's directors were eager to buy more interactive animatronic dinosaur as park's new attraction.

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