Animatronic Animal Show in the museum

Type: Animatronic Animal Show

Model No: DMA-8   


This is our early Artificial Animal Model for Quanzhou Natural Musem as Animatronic Goat. Then, we found 3 suppliers of artificial fur is to match up the most similar fur on its surface. At the same time, we use fiberglass moulder to make its horns look better.  


Size: Animatronic Animal Show with 2m long 


Artificial Animal Model Details:

1.Material: inner steel frame and outside silicone rubber & artificial fur to make Artificial Animatronic Animal

2.Length: 2 meters long
3.Sound : Goat alive roaring sound
4.Color: often choose by our customers or we can give our suggestion in different environment for our Animal Model 

5.Power of Animal Model: 110/220 vac 50/60hz

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