Animatronic Shark in indoor

Type: Animatronic Animal Shark

Model No: DMA-19


With creative concept, our client from Australia placed one 5m long animatronic shark in Ocean Park. We made the animatronic animal exhibit depends on Megalodon, which belongs to Ice Age. Real Megalodon has 12m length. Exhibiting site was limited by area, so we only created 5m long animatronic shark.


Size: Exhibiting Animatronic Shark with 5m long


The lifelike animatronic animal with realistic roaring sound shocks local visitors while it shows. 5m long shark is rare to Australian coast. The shark is still alive without water that is queer to visitors of the park.

So, if you want to customize sea creature model, we have hot animatronic animal for sale as Shark.


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Animatronic Shark in indoor
Animatronic Animal Shark

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