Animatronic Animal King Kong at the Rainforest Cafe

Type: Animatronic Animal King Kong

Model No: DMA-12  


"That is amazing Animatronic Animal show. When I went to the cafe, saw one big Animatronic King Kong roaring at me. So terrible! Its hand hold the tree around him and make it shaking seem like a angry beast for finding its love. I like the surprise of layout from the host of the cafe." said by one customer.


Size: Life Size Animatronic Animal King Kong with 2.3m high  


Please do not mistake scene! You do not come to the on Location, but rainforest cafe of Animatronic Animals. There, it is full of various African animal models, and experiencing jungle joy to you. You could sit for ordering one meal and enjoy these moving Animatronic Animals as King Kong, Tiger and Zebra etc.

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