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"Dinosaur Maker" is an ultimate source of the best life size Animatronic dinosaur, Animatronic Animal, Fiberglass Dinosaur and Fiberglass Animal for all occasions and venues.


We are experienced Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal making company that is passionate about creating excellent dinosaur and animal replica. Since 2005, our dinosaur exhibition have opened to great success around the world and delighted visitors in museums, science centers, zoos and other venues. 


We are proud of the creative partnerships we have established with leading industry about field of Animatronic Dinosaur etc. and international cooperation partner. These partnerships help us to continually develop and enhance our product, which includes our Fiberglass Dinosaur and Animal.


"Dinosaur Maker" is a unique hands on exhibit that contains of over 20 theme parks and 60 Animatronic Dinosaurs and Animals that give you the opportunity to actually make close and touch the Realistic Dinosaur! Beyond the exhibit, additional fun actiion are available for children of all ages. At the same time, our amazing Fiberglass Dinosaur and other Fiberglass Animal products also got much favor from our world clients


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