New Walking Dilophosaurus Suit

As known as the public, our Walking Dinosaur Costume is the hottest. Each day, scores ask us about price of costume product. At the height, over hundred people ask the price. We have made over 100 walking Tyrannosaurus Rex and VelociRaptor suits, and want to customize other dinosaur type costumes to enlarge bigger market.

Our Turkish client coincidently want to purchase one Dilophosaurus Costume. After client pay advance, we step into manufacturing period. 

Animatronic Dilophosaurus for Sale

Specifications of Dilophosaurus Suit:

(1). Weight: Within 20 KGS
(2). Dimension: 4m in length, height depends on the performer's playing
(3). Materials: Inside is alloy structure and Outside is Silicone Rubber
(4). Movements: Eyes blinking, head left to right, neck up and down, tail left to right, walking, even running, making alive sound etc…..
(5). Production Lead time: 25-40 Days, depends on final order quantity
(6). Accessaries: Flight Case for transportation, Charger, Performer Pants, Show Shelf
(7). Suitable for 1.60m to 2.00m Performer
(8). Price: Depends on final order quantity

Dilophosaurus Suit for Sale
Walking Dilophosaurus

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    justin (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 09:05)

    really cool costume but how much is it

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