Custom Animatronic King Kong

Do you know how we customize one 2.5m high Animatronic King Kong? (It is smaller than real size King Kong) Its manufacturing procedure is complicated. At least, we have to work 6 procedures to finish the big monkey model.

(1). Welding metal frame

(2). Installing driven-motors

(3). Wrapping high density sponge on frame

(4). Sculpting sponge to King King type

(5). Gluing three layers of silicone on King Kong type

(6). Gluing animal fur.

Animatronic King Kong for Sale
Big Monkey Model for Sale

Gluing animal fur cost our much time. Our lady staffs have to work gluing fur procedure in one pieces by pieces. Working time and energy is over our dinosaur's manufacturing procedure. Two 4 meters long animatronic tyrannosaurus rex is equal to one 2.5 meters high King Kong. So, its making cost surely is higher than dinosaur.

In factory, we are making one 2.5 high big monkey model. The King Kong Replica will be transported to Columbia. In July 2014, one great Ice Age Exhibition will be opened.

Customize King Kong Replica

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    alex (Saturday, 08 November 2014 20:27)

    salve volevo sapere piu informazioni e il prezzo del king kong.. grazie mille

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