Hot Sale-Jungle Theme Animal Prop

Jungle Theme Animal Prop is available of rainforest cafe, mini business mall or supermarket etc. Animal prop with realistic sound and motions bring one kind of atmosphere that REAL JUNGLE. That is a kind of incomparable visual feast. People see vivid animal model seem like going into one REAL JUNGLE.

Hot Sale Jungle Theme Animal Props:

Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Snake, Leopard, Crocodile, Hippo, Rhinoceros...... 

According to our sales data, there are 12 kinds of animal who is available of popular sale. Clients choose these animatronic animals to decorate their exhibiting sites. 

Jungle Theme Animal Prop

Recently, we sold 11 units of Jungle Theme Animatronic Animal to Bangalore, India. At there, one 600m² Jungle Restaurant was opened. Jungle Theme Animatronics surely was superexcellent exhibits. Theme Reatuarant tried their best to advertise Real Jungle Animals as selling points to attract the public.

Director of the restaurant specially present Feature Animal Food concerned. (Not real lion, elephant meat and just other food named rare animals' names) Jungle Restaurant with lifelike animatronics was only way which must be passed.

Jungle Theme Animatronics

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    vino george (Thursday, 27 November 2014 19:06)

    I want life size animal props for Cochin, India for a rainforest theme park. Immediate requirement. Pls contact 8589882600

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