Online Selling Dinopark Decorations

With increasing Animatronic Business, we gradually transfer our sales mode into Online Selling. Now, more and more international buyers pay attention to Online Product that save much time and money. The rising E-Business will replace most practical stores, shops and workshops, and change world's business pattern.

In the future, over 70% international buyers will purchase things through Internet. Our Dinopark Decorations(Animatronic Dinosaur......) must apply to the change. Turning phone-sales into E-Sales that is must. Online Selling Dinopark Decorations must become our main mode.

Online Selling Dinopark Decorations

At the beginning of 2012, our salesmen gained training of SEO and actively put SEO knowledge into practice. Through half year's learning and practice, E-Business of Animatronic Dinosaur was increased 20% that created big benefit for us.

At the beginning of 2014, we will establish multi-languages sites for online selling animatronic decorations. We believe that saleroom at then possibly double. 

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