Original Materials Fee Increased for Animatronic Dinosaur Industry

At the beginning of 2013, our Animatronic Dinosaur Cost slightly comes up. Why? With trend of various original materials' cost increased, labor and manufacturing fee also follow the trend. At the mid-term of 2013, our financial manager calculated recent manufacturing cost of animatronic productions.

Averagely manufacturing cost is more increased 10% than the former. Although we try our best to control manufacturing cost by various ways, mostly save 3% to 4%. Apparently, the figure is not good to buyers.

Increased Animatronic Cost

The trend of Original materials cost is impossible to stop. As one responsible manufacturer of animatronic dinosaur productions, we just compare more materials suppliers and choose one appropriate supplier that try our best to save making cost. Moreover, we could add extra items or service. For example, equipping double control box or giving more fiberglass rock as decorations.

In addition, we just add increased original materials fee on our animatronic dinosaur cost, and do not increase concerned labor fee. We also continue to search better and cheaper materials to replace former materials and offer quality and cheap animatronic productions.

Animatronic Dinosaur Productions Cost

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    Gary Roberson (Wednesday, 09 April 2014 02:42)

    I am interested in potentially buying one or more ice age animals to display in our show cave attraction. this animatronic animal would need to be able to withstand a damp 100% humidity environment. We would like to start with something like a life-sized dire wolf, sabertooth tiger or peccary. These would be displayed in a dimly lite environment and probably at least 10-15 feet or more from the visitors, so while they need to look realistic they will be be seen real close up. If there an animatronic package that will withstand such an environment? The temperature is a constant 57 degrees so it is cool and damp. Please let us know if this is a possibility, Thanks.See or website at indianacaverns.com

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