Best Artificial Fur for Animatronic Animal

Our Animatronic Animal made are famous by perfect tactile impression and appearance. People touch our animal replica seem like real animal alive. Real Skin, Real Touching that make people confused whether we use real animal skin on animatronic's body. That cause strong blame from environmentalist and government departments concerned.

In fact, we use artificial fur on our animatronic's body. The fur mostly made of fiber, or come from duck or goose. In China, exploiting real animals's skin such as tiger, lion or rhinoceros etc. that is outlaw. Using artificial fur or fowl's feathers that is lawful. So, our animatronic animal prop surely is environmental. 

Artificial Animal Prop

Because we have lots of animatronic making duty each day, need steady supplier of artificial fur that keep enough furs for making animal replicas. Our supplier of artificial fur comes from Chengdu where is closed to our city. He business artificial fur for ten years and be steady in the field. 

Moreover, he can keep fast supply of artificial fur for our animatronic animal. So, basically we don't have the condition that cargo delay for our clients. Because of fast and enough materials, we promise that finish artificial animal props within manufacturing period.

Moving Animal Prop

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