Amazing Dinosaur Park Equipment

Three months ago, we got Greek client's inquiry what is cost of our Amazing Dinosaur Park Equipment-Animatronic Dinosaur! He said that wanted to build one Mini Dinosaur Park with 2500m² like Britain Mini Golf Dinosaur Adventure. So, he was looking for one sincere and reliable manufacturing company to cooperate. 

Through selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, we became their fist choice. After the selection, he presented more details for the mini park. Client not only imported animatronic dinosaurs, but also need dismountable Jurassic Style Scene Props like mini volcano, digging site, geology landscape etc. With dismountable scenes, the mini dinosaur park became movable. 

Dinosaur Park Equipment
Jurassic Style Scene Prop

Total 26 units of dinosaur park equipment had confirmed by our client. We need 40 days to manufacture the equipments and plan delivery schedule preserve delay. In the equipments, digging site with 54m² was hard some bit to pack into delivery truck. Its area is too big to be press down by other cargos. So, we had to make special steel frame for cover preserve pressure from outside.

After we finished the equipments, we cost two days for packing and loading on delivery truck. Through professional operation of our project staffs, the amazing dinosaur park equipment was safely delivery to Shenzhen port for ship.

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