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Which Theme Animatronic Animal is the most popular? Its a FAQ from our clients especially distributors. Through years' communication between us and our distributors home and abroad, we know much lack about our animatronic productions. Our quality distribtors have ability to promote entertainment animatronic productions in their countries' markets, but promoted concept is blurry. They can describe the product's details well, such as how to manufacture, production line and how to assemble etc, but lack of theme introduction. For example, some clients favour prehistoric animal progenitor models; some clients need to order farm animal models as educational prop; some clients like jungle animal models for decorations. How to meet different needs from the markets?   

Jungle Animatronic Animal
Ice Age Animatronic Animal

As one experienced exporter of animatronic animal, we recommend three theme animatronic animals for our distributors! 

(1). Jungle Animatronic Animal: Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey, Parrot...... These animals live in Rainforest and bring nature to people. The animal models are available for rainforest cafe and be the most popular in animatronic animal sale. 

(2). Ice Age Animal Exhibits: Saber-Toothed Tiger, Paraceratherium, Mammoth, Megatherium...... The animals live in Ice Age and extincted on the earth. So, ice age animal animatronics exhibition' popularity next to Dinosaur Alive

(3). Ocean Theme Animatronic: Whale, Shark, Seal, Walrus...... The animals live in the ocean. Ocean Theme Animatronics Exhibition is available for promotion of ocean environment protection!

Above Three Theme Animatronics are our hot sale base upon our years' export works.

Ocean Theme Animatronics

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