Animatronic Eyes for Dinosaur Robot

As known as the public, eyes are windows of human's soul. To our Animatronic Dinosaur Robot, vivid eyes are very important sign of life. Opening and closing mouth brings scared roaring sound; Waving claws give fierce gesture; Wagging tail presents tame pet. So, who asked for more? Double animatronic eyes become finishing point.

We make animatronic eyes base on dinosaur's size. Small size dinosaur's eyes making is harder than big size dinosaur. Our art designer must have freehand sketching and pour resin inside on semicircular crystal-ball. Through refined working procedure, the eyes become important sign for dinosaur's life.    

Animatronic Eyes of Dinosaur Robot

We manufacture animatronic eyes according to different customized dinosaur robot. T-Rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus......have different features of eyes base on different habitats, living environment and geochronologic evolution etc. So, we customize the most realistic eyes with refined work depend on these features.

Recently, we have new breakout for making technology of animatronic eyes. Usually, customized dinosaur robot only has one operated mode of eyes-EYES BLINKING. For now, our electric and mechanical engineers change its conservative mechanical frame, which make eye balls have new movements inisde the head mechanical part about the rotation of the up and down.  

Customized Animatronic Eyes

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