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Welcome to China Monster Factory, DINOSAUR MAKER! In here, you can dance with our vivid Animatronic Dinosaur handcraft with the most realistic roaring sound and movements. In here, you will see Dinosaur Alive, who once ruled the earth. In here, you will touch and kiss the biggest monster on the earth. Surely, you'd better watching out that they eat you because the DINOSAURS' temper are not good.

After you visit the China Monster Factory, last dinosaur land will be your wonderful journey. In there, various dinosaurs are been producing by every day , such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Brontosaurus...... The Animatronic Monster with lifelike skin will be close to you and bring unexpected surprise to you.

China Monster Factory

China Monster Factory is located at Zigong, China. Zigong once is the paradise for Dinosaurs who live in 65 million years ago. Under the modern buildings, still many dinosaur fossils are buried. In Zigong, there is the marveled World-Class Dinosaur Museum. Base on the land, we build one brilliant Animatronic Monster Industry. Lots of animatronic dinosaur handcrafts are exported to the venues in the world.

Dinosaur Maker Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is honored to name China Monster Factory by our clients. As one honored Animatronic Dinosaur Maker, we will produce more creative animatronic product for our clients and offer more discount to our old clients.  

Animatronic Monster Factory in China

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    Justin London (Thursday, 23 January 2014 02:58)

    I am opening a dinosaur park in the U.S. that will have the most realistic dinosaurs. Can you please send me a pricing list of your dinosaurs to

    Thank you.

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    420372358 (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 07:12)

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