Custom Animatronic Character as Alien ET

Except for Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal, we can produce any type of animatronic character depend on clients' requirement. These characters come from cartoon, movie, fairy tale, business logo...... Exhibiting animatronic character for the public places that is very popular.

Imaginary characters come to real world in motorized animatronic that enjoy the public so much. These characters can move, talk, even walking to you. Children must be happy to get closer to their cartoon idols. Such a interesting motorized animatronic!!!


In July Beijing 2013, one great Space Creatures Exhibition was opened. In the exhibition, mainly showing various space creatures from science fiction story, such as ET, Alien etc. The Theme attracted lots of the school juniors. Kids wanted to see what these space creatures were. Our Animatronic ET and Alien manufactured never let the public down.

It was one successful animatronic character exhibition. All children surprised and cry out at our animatronic ET and Alien. They were so vivid that break prison for attacking the public. In the exhibition, over one hundred thousand people visited there. That not only got ticket's benefit, but also gave much space knowledge to children.

So, we have different Animatronic Character for Sale! Choosing us, you will get interested motorized animatronics!!!

Animatronic Alien for sale

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