Biggest Animatronic Animal Store in China

Recently, Animatronic Animal Store in China is popular. In store, you can customize any animated animal prop, such as dinosaur, present animal, movie animal character...... These animated animal props with vivid sound  and movements is to enjoy the public. The store is rare in the coastal area, China. In order to fetch the animatronic prop market, Zigong loacted southwest, China, form one industry, which specializing in Animatronic Robot.

In Zigong, Animatronic Robot Industry has be developed for 20 years. Our Company(Dinosaur Maker Science & Technology Co.,Ltd) belong to the most senior to the Industry. At present, we own manufacturing animatronic factory with 6000㎡, 52 experienced staffs and over 500 designing pictures of animatronic. So, we are biggest animatronic animal store in China without any doubt! 


Biggest Animatronic Animal Store

As a leader of Zigong Animatronic, we have production value for over 8 million dollars each year. 50-100 million dollars of them is invested to research & develop for more entertainment dinosaur equipments. Because of hot market for independent travel, interactive entertainment becomes more and more important. If we keep our animatronic animal sales popular, need to be available for the trend. 

As one porfessional Zigong Animatronic Manufacturer, we make animatronic dinosaur puppet, hand wrestling dinosaur, speed test alien...... These animatronic animals with interactive entertainment pander to present market, and bring more benefit without any doubt. 

Animated Animal Prop

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