Cartoon Animatronic Animal as Exhibit

Except for real size animal model, we also customize Cartoon Animatronic Animal as exhibit of amusement park. We offer customized service to our buyers. According to customization, we design cartoon animatronic animal's type, function and color etc. These cartoon animal exhibit is different to lifelike animatronic animal, and more close to visitors.

Visitors always intimately get close to custom cartoon animatronics for taking photo, even kiss these cute animatronics. Function design is another importance as customized service. Lifelike animal model always head, mouth, eyes...... moves automatically, but custom cartoon animatronic animal owns more interested movement because of special cartoon type. 

Animatronic Fox as Custom animal model

As picture shows, this is cartoon animatronic fox. Sweep the floor is its designed movement. The animatronic fox takes its besom to sweep trash like housekeeper. (the cute animatronic fox is exhibited Chengdu Happy Valley) Another animatronic animal model call Racing Bird. When people operate the animatronic, one kind of supersonic sound will be worked.

In general, our cartoon animatronic animal is avaliable for all kinds of animatronic function design.

Animatronic Animal Model

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