Sell Animatronic Dinosaur to Carrefour as New Attraction 2013

Spring festival was coming to Zhengzhou's Carrefour! New attraction 2013 has been schedule by shopping mall's administrations. They knew the Dinosaur Alive Exhibition 2013 in Beijing Jingshan Park by media, so wanted to buy Animatronic Dinosaur lifelike as new attraction 2013 to customers of the mall.

After their invsetigation, they found us, who manufactured animatronic dinosaurs fof Jingshan Park. Then, they gave demand that need one large animatronic dinosaur for outdoor around the entrance of the mall. We recommend 12m long animatronic T-Rex, 16m long animatronic apatosaurus and 22m long animatronic diplodocus for them. After detailed plan and choice, they choose 22m long animatronic diplodocus as outdoor attraction.

Animatronic Dinosaur for Sale

To reach an agreement after one week, our client contacted us again. They promised to director of Carrefour that sell animatronic dinosaur to Paris's Carrefour after the exhibition. So, they need to customize two diplodocus. While first dinosaur was transported to Zhengzhou, second dinosaur must to be manufactured.

That is excellent example that animatronic dinosaur for sale. Our client who needs exhibition of dinosaur, sell popular animatronic dinosaur to their client. While we got bemefit, they also get something.

Sell Animatronic Diplodocus

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