Install Large Animatronic Dinosaur in Outdoor Playground

Large Animatronic Dinosaur needs to be divided to parts for making. For example, one 30m long animatronic turiasaurus has 4m width and 13m height. Our 10 project staffs have to first make its body that serves as a base for its head  they make. All making and dismantling procedure of large animtronic dinosaur is worked by labour.

In the process of manufacturing animatronic dinosaur, good quality steel frame is key that convenient disassembly and high safety. Once bad quality metal is used for manufacturing animatronic dinosaur, and easy to break between metal joint while animatronic works. So, high quality seamless metal tube is best choice for manufacturing Huge Animatronic Dinosaur

Install Large Animatronic Dinosaur

After we finish huge animatronic dinosaur in best materials, enough exhibiting room is key that install animatronic dinosaur. To big size robotic dinosaur, outdoor playground is best installed place. In the outdoor, forklift, crane and lifting rope etc. is convenient to install huge animatronic dinosaur. For example, one 30m long animatronic turiasaurus only cost 2 days to finish its installation. Two experienced staff can be competent the duty that assemble animatronic dinosaur.

Manufacturing Huge Animatronic Dinosaur

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