Assemble Animatronic Dinosaur in Dominica

We again assemble Animatronic Dinosaur models in Dominica on February 2013. 12m long animatronic ankylosaurus and 30m long animatronic diplodocus is sold to Dominican Jurassic Park. Since December 2013, Dominican Jurassic Park has received over 100 thousand  tourists from the world, and gained good benefit because of our life size animatronic dinosaur exhibition.

In January, one theme garden was opened in the Jurassic park. There, exhibiting prehistoric plant and Mesozoic dinosaur model. The new dinosaur area is educational to local school age kids. Local educational department had strong support to the theme garden's construction. After construction, our animatronic dinosaurs again ordered by our client of Dominican as decorations.

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Last time, our electric engineer trained our client about knowledge of assembling and maintainance etc. Because our client had has much experience of assembling animatronic dinosaur. so we did not send our project staffs to exhibiting site in this business.

According to direction we left, our client is easy to assemble large size animatronic dinosaur. This is our advantage about cooperating with us. 

Assemble Animatronic Dinosaur

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