More Surprise-Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits from China

Our life size Animatronic Dinosaur arrived in Armenia through thousands miles. We arrived at Yerevan on 13th January, and large size dinosaur models were transported to here on 15th. After that, our 3 project staffs began to step into busy installing work of animatronic dinosaurs. To experienced staff, only costing 3 days  to finish 15 medium and large size dinosaurs' installing work.

Client was surprised to our staffs' working efficiency. At first, we plan one week installing work according to the animatronic dinosaur projects. More over, we only used half time of orginal plan to finish whole project. Client was content to the efficiency, because he had more enough time for site layout of Dinosaur Alive.


Animatronic Dinosaur Mamenchisaurus Exhibits

After we finished the installing work, we stay there for training about animatronic dinosaur's usage. Although we sent brief animatronics's manual of usage, still decided to train our client with system. First of all, we elaborate electric accessories's usage and matters need attention as control box, motor and realy etc. Second, we trained client's project staffs about dinosaur's installing knowledge. At last, we listed necessary materials of installing work for client.

On 25th January, "Dinosaur Alive" was opened to visitors. The Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics exhibition rocked Armenia. Prehistoric Period's ruler came back with realistic roaring that was Armenia Newspaper's headline. Quickly, "Dinosaur Alive" was knew by all Armenians. I remember that all visitors were hard to believe huge creatures with lifelike movement and roar at first day show. That is attractive charm of life size animatronic dinosaur exhibits.

Large Animatronic Dinosaur Triceratops

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