Animatronic Dinosaurs Show in Prehistoric Life Museum

One 7m long Animatronic Dinosaur-Animatronic Euoplocephalus is exhibited outdoor forest of Mongolia Prehistoric Life Museum. The large animatronic dinosaur with heavy armour welcome visitors of the museum like an attendant. Visitors like approaching it to hug or kiss for taking photo. Euoplocephalus is known as power to dinosaur world. So, powerful man also like aproaching it for showing strong muscle seem like a conqueror.

When little visitors see this cute and strong herbivorous dinosaur model, they all want to ride it for taking photo. kids ask their parents to lift them up to back of animatronic dinosaur. After they ride dinosaur, these little dinosaur warriors all cry out roaring of victory. The animatronic euoplocephalus is the most popular star in outdoor.

Animatronic Dinosaur in Museum

Another star is one 10m long Carnivorous Dinosaur Model-Animatronic Allosaurus. The huge animatronic dinosaur is 4m height. So, people have to look up it. Animatronic Allosaurus shocks visitors when it move and roar. In the dinosaur world, leaner body endow fast speed. The prey which is aimed by allosaurus, is impossible to escape. The life size animatronic dinosaur guards its filed like a  defender.

The Animatronic Dinosaur Show debut Mongolia. These Prehistoric Museum Animatronic Dinosaurs offer big surprise to local people.

Animatronic Allosaurus

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