Animatronic Dinosaurs in Kids Playground Funtana

In the summer holiday 2012, lifelike Animatronic Dinosaurs made in China with surprise homed Funtana Croatia. Why surprise is? Moving dinosaur model was first time for meeting to Funtana tourists. In the past, although the tourists saw pneumatic dinosaur model, dinosaurs' movements looked like corpse. No dynamic and smooth sense to audiences. Apparently, these Pneumatic dinosaurs did not be gained good researching and development.

But, we Dinosaur Maker's Animatronic Dinosaur solved the above problem well. First of all, we used high density sponge as whole body type that overcomed block of action. Second, silicone gluing sponge body is to strengthen elasticity. Finally, completing last shape with handwork.  

Kids Playground Animatronic Dinosaur in Dinopark

Night fall to whole Funtana Dinopark. Then each year, there was great carnival opend here. Tourists from Europe also enjoy the carnival. Beer, dance and song was full of whole park playground. When people enjoy the carnival much, one Carnival Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibit suddenly walked out. The surprise was out of expectation all people. 

Dinosaur Alive! kids and girls screamed for the wonder. One steel chain bind one neck of dinosaur. The Dinosaur Animatronic little Allosaurus looked like a pet to entertain tourists, who were been enjoying carnival.

So, the surprise like this, do you want to own it? If you were director of amusement park or entertainment event organizer, our Dinosaur Animatronic is best attraction choice to 2013 new entertainment attraction. 

Carnival Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibit in Dinopark

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