Sell Animatronic Dinosaurs for Amusement Park

We Sell Animatronic Dinosaurs to world's Amusement park or theme park such as Six Flags, Great Adventure and Happy Valley etc. These Life Size Prehistoric Dinosaur Models always be welcoming exhibits in the park is to attract first sight from the tourists. Our Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits can move and roar at the visitors seemingly live to attack the tourists.

As 2013 new attraction amusement park animatronic dinosaur, we specially customize its interactive entertainment. For example, Walking Animatronic Dinosaur Suit is big surprise to the public. People can wear the suit to frighten the passby. That unpredictable surprise enjoy the tourists well.

We sell Animatronic Dinosaurs

Do you have other entertainment function? It is normal question from the buyers. Of course, we sepcializing in making Animatronic Dinosaur exhibits for over 10 years. In the developing market, we create many interactive dinosaur robot. For example, using remote control units for directing dino movements; mini dino eggs for taking photo with tourists etc. In addition, we also constantly accept suggestion of interactive entertainment from clients to customize Animatronics Dinosaurs entertainment.

How much for your dino? Basically, we decide Animatronic Dinosaur Cost or Price depend on size and function. If client need us to customize more special entertainment function, cost also be more. But, we sell Animatronic Dinosaur at reasonable cost. These dinosaur most bought by managers of amusement parks.

Interactive Cartoon Animatronic Dinosaur

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