Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal in Edinburgh as Festival and Shopping Mall Exhibits

2 moving Animatronic Animals decorated Edinburgh street as art festival attraction. The recovery scene of King Kong Movie attracted amount visitors from the different world. 2m height Animatronic King Kong animal was roaring at the lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur seem like producted battle.
Then, I and my electric engineer were there to witness the visual feast, and a lot of children came to the feet under the popular Animatronic Dinosaur and King Kong, inquirying various question to their teachers and have photo with them.


Animatronic Animal King Kong

"We want to create one horrific corner as part of the festival. Fact proved that Animated Animatronic Animals effect whole festival. People saw the movie figures, and surprised the creatures alive. After the festival end, they will show our maganing store as Shopping Mall Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal exhibits." said by director of the activity, Thomas Bacon.
When I hear the plan of Shopping Mall Animatronic Dinosaur, knew that had to wait one week again for goinh home, because I and engineer also followed the maintain of our Animatronic Animals.

Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex outdoor

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