Animatronic Dinosaur Replica at Theme Playground

10 fine Animatronic Dinosaur Replicas will exhibit Ba Dinh Square in Vietnam as 2013 new attraction. It is big entertainment visual feast to local folks. In addition to this, there open song and dance performance and flower parade to celebrate new year coming. Our 10 rent Animatronic Dinosaurs in original idea of clisnt will decorate around the square as welcoming attraction. In the day, becoming theme Jurassic Playground.

"Vietnamese people barely see vivid dinosaur replicas. These lifelike Jurassic Animatronic Animals must give huge shocking to them. Bascially we just rent these dinosaur for decorations, but decide to perchase them becasue think of high transport cost and trouble procedures." Nguyen Huynh who was executive director of the show said to me.

Playground Animatronic Dinosaur Replica London

Following, it is our busy production duty in the Animatronic Dinosaur Factory. There, 10 large guys are creating such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus etc. Each one has over 10m length, so while people stand under the feet of animatronic dinosaur, think they are so short and small. Dinosaur height makes you have to look up them seem like a real jurassic creatures. 

"It is well that Rent Animatronic Dinosaur plan is took off, otherwise I really do not transport them large guys back." Min who is our project staff say with joke. That is right, these large size dinosaurs are hard to be transport since they are settled down. As 2013 new Animatronic Dinosaurs, they will function to destination.

Animatronic Dinosaur Replica in the playground

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