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In 13th November 2012, one Huge Animatronic Animal as Mammoth debut the Childhood Museum of Beirut. The dinosaur with 5m length and 2.8m height made kids surprised because they ever seen large creature with movements. Many kids measured the size of sole between themselves and Mammoth, and found that their height is not enough to animal's feet.

"The horns on its mouth is so cool like a huge armored car. I want to go up second floor for watching clearly its head and back." said by one 8 years old child. In order to observe more clear dinosaur, museum staff specially set one observation tower for the visitors. So did it, people can learn much concerned Ice Age Animal knowledge and produced more curiousness to know more natures.

Our Animatronic Animal owns Museum Quality

In the making of Museum Quality Animatronic Animal, our artists discussed with creation of its horn for long time. Someone suggested using silicone as materials of elephant horns but opposed by Mr. Yang who was most experienced art designer with over 20 years works. He said that silicone is hard to achieve texture of elephant's tusk, and only using fiberglass with antirust and reinforced fibers. 

Through decision of votes, most staffs agreed with method of Yang. Although using silicone to save much time, fiberglass tusk not only owns strong texture, but also antioxidation preserve moist weather according to experience. As high quality China Animatronic Animal Manufacturer, we insist on best quality creating. 

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