Mysterioud Island Animatronic Dinosaur Robot Show

In the movie, you must envy the adventure journey of film characters at the Mysterious Island, right? Now, you can get same experience in Zhuhai Mysterious Island, surely be catched by our Real Size Animatronic Dinosaur Robot. Do you recmber that thrilling chasing between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brendan Fraser? Coming to here, you could have same exciting journey with our horrific dinosaur replica. It will roar at you look like a predator is staring at its prey. You just run preserve its hunting.

"The Mysterious Island Animatronic Dinosaur is new theme park attractions, right? I never seen largebody before, but surely gave me unforgettable experience. Animatronic Dinosaur Head suddenly came out from the wall to frighten me, that is awsome." said by a tourist.


Mysterious Island Animatronic Dinosaur as new attraction

The amazing Animatronic Dinosaur Show decorates new event "Mysterious Tunnel". In the tunnel, showing various wonders such as dinosaur, vampire, mummy and werewolf etc. People can go through the tunnel to experience exciting and thrilling journey, and making your spirit up. Our dinosaur resides the tunnel as annual new attraction, and be located in middle journey for burdening the duty of sudden frighten.

"Obviously, the scare dinosaur frighten many tourists especially girls. Its sudden coming out is to make people flurried, and screaming up. As new member of th tunnel, it has good function. But, I think the animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex is single here, should find more partners to work together with him. People always hope watching new things, and Animatronic Dinosaur is good choice for thene park." said by operator of the tunnel.

Real Size Animatronic Dinosaur Robot at the Mysterious Island

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Life Size Dinosaur Robot video as reference

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