Cartoon Animatronic Animal Resident Ocean Park

After you see the Finding Nemo, you love these cute sea creatures. We made 3 Cartoon Animatronic Animals as turtle and shrimp etc. depend on the Hong kong Ocean Park demand. The 3 cute Ocean Park Animatronic Animal as welcoming guset attraction will be placed at the entrance of the park. While people come in the park, see these lovely animal models.

In the June 2012, the park's principal was urgent to need some cartoon animal models to administer annual theme of ocean education. He thought cute cartoon animals must produce resonance with children, and kids also be easy to accept concerned inforamtion by classic cartoon figures.

Cartoon Animatronic Animal at the park

"The activities got much help from the educational department, and will enlarge scale. We will invite mainland's little friends to be here for enjoying ocean theme week with local children. The communication promotes cross-straits culture exchange in the children, and improves ocean protection knowledge. That is meaningful." said by Miss Zhang, who is speakman of the educational department.

"We are happy to get help from mainland department concerned and favourably processing our activities. In addition, wonderful cartoon figures also bring much entertainment to the event. I believe the kids will enjoy the theme week well. The Animatronic Animals especially cartoom turtle will be first sight of visitors." said by curator of the park.

Ocean park Animatronic Animal decorates indoor

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