Animated Animatronic Dinosaur Decorated Holiday Resort as Attraction

Our Animated Animatronic Dinosaurs went on through March. 10 at SciWorks, 600 W. Huted Drill Road, Winston-Salem. The traveled animatronics as Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Ruyangosaurus etc. were exciting to go to their new home "Sunshine Holiday Resort".

"Last year, you holiday resort once invited amazing alien creatures to perform for the customers. It is successful! How about your comment to this Lifelike Dinosaur Model Exhibition?" Said by Kate Winslate, who was reporter from local news department.

"We pay more attention to annual theme of dinosaurs, and have set wonderful event to lucky lodger! In the lucky room, there is Holiday Resort Animatronic Dinosaur inside for surprise. Once customer select the room, he or she will get free presidential suite for one day as reward later." Said by Daniel Stone, who was executive director of the resort.

12 Animatronic Dinosaurs come to Holiday Resort

"I really don't know what arrangement of the host is. When I went to the room, only listened the louder roaring, and saw one dinosaur head coming out of the artificial plants around the windowsill. I was really scared, but like the union of surprise, entertainment and adventure." said by Micky James, who was first lucky lodger.

"Our idea of theme resort is creation to clients. Each year, we would think of special theme for giving surprise to our clients. This year dinosaur theme's aim is to bring adventure and entertainment, and make clients who lead boring life in the city own creative fun. For this effect, we have to thank our Animatronic Dinosaur Supplier in China." Said by Daniel.


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