3 Animatronic Dinosaur as the Indoor Attraction of the National Animal Museum

In order to highlight new decorated sixth floor of prehistoric creature hall at the National Animal Museum, our 3 Indoor Animatronic Dinosaur come to there for decorating as new museum attraction. 3 dinosaurs as Huayangosaurus, Ruyangosaurus and Sinornithosaurus represent respectively different discovering site in China. Their features, habits and feeding are different according to living environment different such as earth, weather and surroundings etc.

2 large size Animatronic Dinosaur as 15m long Huayangosaurus and 10m long Ruyanosaurus are thought usually the most difficult making, but the most difficult making is sinornithosaurus because of its whole body's feathers. We need ask our project staff to glue feather on its body one by one that cost much time and energy. 

Indoor Animatronic Dinosaur is best exhibit

10m long Animatronic Ruyanosaurus met some problem when we wanted to transport it in our factory. Because its tail too long to be loaded into truck, so we had to empty front half compartment for packing the Ruyanosaurus there. After that, we packed others into rest room. When we made these Museum Attraction Animatronic Dinosaur, discussed their eyes making with art designers for closely one day. Someone suggested using existed eyeball paper as their eyes that saved much time, but Mr Gong, who was senior art designer insisted on purchased quality artificial eyeball from Guangzhou.

"Only using artificial eyeball, which make our Artificial Dinosaur Model look like real. We could achieve museum quality goal." Said by him. When our suggestion came to same agreement, 3 departments staffs with much enthusiasm stepped into respective work position to create best Museum Quality Animatronic Dinosaur.  

Museum Attraction Animatronic Dinosaur is awesome

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