Animatronic Dinosaur is Popular Amusement Park Attraction

Popular Animatronic Dinosaur could be new attraction of amusement park because of its function of interactive entertainment. We have researched one interactive control table between human and dinosaur, and only human hand-control the buttons, which connect each movement of dinosaur, make it move and roar. That is so Funny as Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur.

Do you want to try our interactive Animatronic Dinosaur? Their action and sound all control by youself mind like pet master. You can ask them to sit, roar and open mouth etc. seem like a loyal little dog. Especially Mini Animatronic Dinosaur can produce laugh and cute words because of your encouragement.

Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur in the outdoor

In the July 2012, our 40 Artificial Dinosaurs came to Liseberg Amusement Park to decorate annual Bloemencorso. 12m long Animatronic Spinosaurus's head show out of the customized fiberglass cave and bite dead body of little dinosaur that was paragon shocking effect. 

Do you recember Jurassic Park in 1993? The huge and slim spinosaurus finally defeat large Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is impressive. When visitors see the amazing Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction, they must recember then exciting scene.

In the each float, 2-3 little dinosaur models with roaring and moving performance on the stage. Its theme is Prehistoric Creatures Back. Depend on demand of our client, we sent 3 professional animatronic making staff to exhibited site for installation service. There, we finished middle and huge Animatronic Dinosaur project well.

Mini Animatronic Dinosaur at the outdoor

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