We also Rent Animatronic Animal and Animatronic Dinosaur to the Wanted Client

Through years experience of exporting Animatronic Animals, we also meet the problem like where and how to Rent Animatronic Animal and Animatronic Dinosaur. Many exhibiting businessmen need short period business opportunities in the specil festival as Christmas, Halloween and floats etc. They want to earn benefit in that days, so need some special attractions to highlight the public. Moving animal which only watching on TV is best choice of exhibits, because these animal replicas also own same sound and movement liek real one.

In Southeast Asia, over 20 clients rent animatronic animals in the special festival expecially New Year. Then, lots of the public will purchase or travel, and create much business opportunities to clients of managing special show as Dinosaur Alive and Ice Age Animal Show etc.

We can Rent Animatronic Animal

In Taman Peninsula, Indonesia, our client once Rent 12 Animatrionic Dinosaurs to tour show in the country. Agus who is director of the show said that we would like host Real Jurassic Dinosaur Exhibition to the school age children whole country, and educate them about knowledge of natural science and environment protection.

"We want to let kids know that how dinosaur extinct. Environment changed lead to main factor to Dinosaur Extinction. After they experience wonderful journey in our showroom, will know importance of environment protection. The event is meaningful to children grow up" said by Mifts who is executive director of the show.

After our client Rent Animatronic Animal, continue to buy our dinosaurs because of good benefit and educated effect.

We also Rent Animatronic Dinosaur

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    Ayesha Mian (Friday, 07 December 2012 16:41)

    I am interested in renting dinosaurs for an exhibit. Please send me the details.

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    bobot ramos (Thursday, 03 September 2015 18:54)

    we would like to rent dinosaurs for 10 shows in the philippines

    please email


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