Jurassic Style Animatronic Dinosaur Decorated Theme Park

Are you still recember that jurassic park in 1993? I think the scary dinosaur must give you deep impression in your brain. In fact, that is all success to Jurassic Style Animatronic Dinosaur Model because these vivid dinosaur replicas made Spielberg take such excellent movie. Then, these dinosaurs became the world's icon and mian role. All people like to discuss with theme about dinosaur alive. From then on, we company founders determined to establish Animatronic Dinosaur Company on their own, which was suitable for rising attraction market.

Through months sale publicity, we finally sold our first groups of Jurassic Style Animatronic Dinosaur decorated theme park, which named China Dinosaur Park. Then, China Dinosaur Park's first stage project has been building, so Mr Chen had ordered over 84 dinosaur models fot their dino exhibited area. We were exciting to produce these Entertainment Animatronic Dinosaur when we obtained news that cooperated with China's first Dinosaur Park. 

Jurassic Style Animatronic Dinosaur decorated Theme Park

After one year of first stage project, Mr Chen was content to our last Animatronic Dinosaurs, so he continued to cooperate with us. When second stage project started, another orders of 120 dinosaurs came to our production department. Our Sculpted artist Guang Wang said in joke "When China Dinosaur Park close down, I really want a holiday." We laugh at him and bestired ourselves back to heavy work.

Over almost 20 years development, we have established sale net of the world Theme Park such as Mini Golf, Six Flags and Kings Island etc. Our High Quality Animatronic Dinosaur also got much honor from home and abroad.

So, do you interest in Jurassic World? Join us to experience real Jurassic Adventure with our Animatronic Dinosaur.

High Quality Animatronic Dinosaur in China

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