Animatronic Dinosaur Head for Sale as Festival Exhibit

Do you see moving Tyrannosaurus Rex or Triceratops head on the wall? Here, we offer realistic Animatronic Dinosaur Head for Sale, which is suitable for Festival Exhibit. Whatever Christmas or Halloween, wondeful Animatronic Dinosaur Heads seemingly take you back the real adventure world and give incomparable experience of dinosaur world.

In the world, existing many festivals with joy and frighten. These festivals are our Animatronic Dinosaur market and will bring much profit to us, because barely people see our dinosaur exhibit unless movie. The organizers of festivals must interest in our Animatronic Dinoaur Exhibits.

Animatronic Dinosaur Head for Sale in China

Especially Halloween, our Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Head become hot sale products because its scare. Each visitor once enter into haunted house or specific dino area, he must be frightened by moving dinosaur head."Their heads can move, eyes can blink, I was frightened by their scary mouth like eating me" said by little visitors of haunted house.

As Festival Exhibit Animatronic Dinosaur, it highlights designed exhibiting site made by customers. In the past, we once assisted our client to host one super large Jurassic Dinosaur Alive Exhibition at the area of over 7000㎡. Only layout of Animatronic Dinosaur costed one month, and creating excellent Dinosaur Show at last.

Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur at the outdoor

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