How to Make Waterproof Animatronic Dinosaur

Our Dinosaur Model has waterproof function. So, we surely place the dinosaurs to outdoor. How to make Waterproof Animatronic Dinosaur? This question should be concluded to our FAQ. When we have business deal with our animatronics customers, they always inquiry whether place the Animatronic Dinosaur to outdoor playground. I usually show our silicone specification to them that proves materials of waterproof.

We are Professional Animatronic Animal Manufacturer in China, and specializing in electric control Animatronic Dinosaur over 10 years. When we build the Dinosaur surface, our project staff will use mixture of petrol and resin preserve worst weather as rain, snow and sunlight etc.

Waterproof Animatronic Dinosaur in the Outdoor

How to make quality Animatronic Dinosaur? Surely, we have 7 events of animatronics making procedure and 4 steps of packing Animatronic Animal. In the past, we always find out minor problem when artificial dinosaur was finished, because then we have no realization to rechecking.

For now, we take detailed making duty to head of each department as sculpted, electric and mechanical. Before we send the Animatronic Dinosaur or other Animal, each head must check respective link again is to keep its quality.

We are Professional Animatronic Animal Manufacturer

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    yefi (Friday, 10 May 2013 03:17)

    Can some of the bigger Animatronic dinosaurs support the weight of a child.

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