Six Flags Theme Park Building Life Size Dinosaur Robot

Depend on an article in the DP User, Six Flags Theme Park project staffs are building a Life Size Dinosaur Robot with movements and roaring. That is a Customized Animatronic Dinosaur Rex with 12m long. The designed Robotic Dinosaur will be operated by a mini sensor, so it can be operated automatically without handwork, user only push some buttons on the specific control box to make the Amazing Animatronic Dinosaur moves. Six Flags Great America looks forward to exhibit the more Life Size Dinosaurs in public at either New Jersey Six Flags Theme Park or Great Adventure  in summer of 2009.

Life Size Dinosaur Robot at the Six Flags Park

Tomas who was director of Adventure Six Flags, came to our Dino Prodcution Base betore he purchased 38 Mesozoic Dinosaur Models to discuss Dinosaur Adventure Area details with us. Many Animatronic Dinosaurs we made ever before such as coelophysis, Skorpiovenator, sauroposeidon etc. are planed to making. One Tyrannosaurus of Life Size Dinosaur Robot must be equipped 8 movements. In addition, he asked us to make one exchange mode between handwork and automatic sensor. Its aim to fix Animatronic Dinosaur inside mechanical frame when it happened problem.

Client need Customized Animatronic Dinosaur Rex

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