Animatronic Dinosaur Park Opening in Night

"We have a Real Sized Animatronic Dinosaur Model on how many persons can come. It's less than 500 people who can come in the evening, so we've surely hold night party for our Animatronic Dinosaur Park. We are obtainning excellent react and the react is surely increasing as we are closer to Halloween," Mark who is manager of Dominican Theme park explained. "Because we are better alternative for visitors who needs things facny for their children, but local children are too young to see the disgusting zombies and ghost that you watch in the haunted houses some like and scary rides. We're not as terrible those things, but we're spooky for little children."

Gsporte who is engineer of the Animatronic Dinosaur Park construction, said visitors is limited in the night, due to safety concerns, since people walk the dark trails using flashflight to see our Dinosaur Exhibits.



Animatronic Dinosaur Park opening at the night

"It still be a wonderful Jurassic Show. When you visit our theme park: Exhibits in the daytime, it is truly like coming to the prehistoric zoo. You hang around, you stare at Animatronic Animal Alive, you can stop in the office, play video games, watrch boring TV shows and we make these things multiple times during the day. But in the night, because there is the must to control access and walk through the exhibted site with a park guide book because of the dinosaur exhibition with a beginning between the middle and end, so we have to limit how many visitors we bring into the park at night," Gsporte said.

He said he hoped tourists can find their travel route to the park is an chance to learn about prehistoric nature and creatures knowledge as well as an entertaining night out.

"Everything we do is union of education and entertainment; suspend boring nature class in the shcool and sterile works at the office. Come with us to enjoy jurassic dinosaur adventure. You will find the wonder from the Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur you ever seen" Gsporte said.


Animatronic Animal Alive gives you much entertainment

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