Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics at Kings Island

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – tourists to Kings Island will own a chance to take back in time to prehistoric periods as 65 million years ago when our Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics debut there June 27, 2011. More than 65 Life-Sized Animatronic Dinosaur will be on show in Dinosaur Alive Exhibition! at Kings Island.

The interactive Animatronic Dinosaur brings inspiration to curious audience. Each of the  dinosaur model is handmade and covered with silicone like soft skin.

The 5 main scenes and nine Prehistoric Dinosaur Exhibits was theme to visitors. Because these things state evolution of dinosaurs that makes people know more information about rulers of then planet.

Show many Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics to visitors

The spotlight of Dinosaurs Alive! shows the Huge Animatronic Dinosaur such as Brotonsarusu, which measures an incredible 30m long and 7m high. Others include the armored ankylosaurus, backstay Spinosaurus, lizard-like Dimetrodon, powerful Tyrannosaurs Rex, tank-like Triceratops and flying Pterosaur etc..

Four Animatronic Dinosaurs have interactive function which allow visitors to control dinosaur movement by specific control table. Many visitors like the mini Animatronic Dinosaur with hand-control, especially children because of much interactive entertainment.


If you want to see more dinosaur, please click "Gallery"



Huge Animatronic Dinosaur displayed at park

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